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CASSS Thanks Outgoing Board Members

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February 5, 2024
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Having term limits among nonprofit Boards of Directors (BoD) is recognized to be a best practice in nonprofit governance. Regular turnover among board members encourages the BoD and membership to pay attention to its composition, brings new perspectives and ideas to the BoD, helps to avoid stagnation, and offers the opportunity to expand the BoD’s circle of contacts and influence. It’s not surprising, then, that over 85% of nonprofit boards have board terms and thus built-in turnover of Board Members. CASSS follows this best practice as Board Members serve four-year terms and may only serve two consecutive terms before being replaced.

There is no question that Board turnover is a best practice; it is also a bittersweet one. CASSS would like to thank Julia Edwards, Genentech, a Member of the Roche Group, Brian Nunnally, Sequirus, a CSL Company, Cari Sänger-van de Griend, Kantisto BV, and Patrick Swann, CSL Behring, for their service on the CASSS Board of Directors.

One of our goals at CASSS is to have our past Directors look back with pride and satisfaction regarding their time on the Board. It appears that we’ve met this goal with Julia, Brian, Cari, and Patrick.

Male wearing glasses and business suit in front of glass wall showing building.Patrick, for example, had this to say about his Board service: “It was an honor to serve on the CASSS Board of Directors. My fellow board members are all highly talented and, despite very busy “day jobs”, remain steadfast and dedicated to further the critical mission of CASSS."

CASSS President Jamie Moore is effusive in her praise of this group of Board Members, “It was a true pleasure to work with Brian, Cari, Patrick, and Julia on the CASSS Board of Directors. Brian, Cari, and Patrick each brought a unique perspective and set of skills that made them highly productive and thoughtful contributors. Julia also brought considerable skills, an inspirational vision, and a valuable perspective to the Board, but in addition, the leadership as our President was simply amazing

Brian, Cari, Patrick, and Julia, thank you for sharing your skills, perspective, talents, and valuable time with the CASSS Board of Directors. Both CASSS and the Board are better equipped for 2024 because of you.