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Headquartered in California, CASSS is a not-for-profit 501(c)(6) professional scientific society comprising over 7,000 industry, academic, and regulatory professionals.

CASSS provides its members with a rich array of knowledge-sharing and networking opportunities through our family of meetings and resources. We promote strong peer-to-peer and business relationships. CASSS membership includes scientists frommore than 80 nations and nearly every continent. Our meetings take place throughout North America, Europe, Asia, Africa, and South America. The majority of meetings are small – approximately 125 to 150 attendees – offering a collegial atmosphere with ample opportunity to meet others and truly interact with folks who understand what you do. 

CASSS is dedicated to facilitating the sharing of resources, information, and best practices to advance scientific knowledge for the benefit of our members, the biopharmaceutical field, and the public at large. Membership is complimentary and is open to all who support the objectives of CASSS and are willing to contribute to the achievement of those objectives.

Nadine Ritter, CASSS Distinguished Fellow and Past CASSS President, recently sat down with members to discuss their experiences in the CASSS Community. Watch the full playlist of videos below that share some of the many reasons why you should join the CASSS community.

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