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Meet our team of association professionals. We are passionate about providing outstanding educational and networking experiences and fostering a strong sense of community for our members. Reach out to us anytime with questions, feedback, or suggestions for how we can serve you better.


Executive Director Stephanie Flores in a black shirt
Stephanie Flores, CAE
Executive Director

Stephanie supports the Board and its Committees in developing and implementing organizational policies and programs. She facilitates the Associate Directors committee, and is responsible for daily operations, including staff supervision, financial management and reporting.

Secret Super Power: Intentional Leadership – I take in information and process it before offering a response. My power is the ability to analyze a problem or project, seeing potential roadblocks or alternate options before venturing down a quickly determined path. Slow and steady wins the race. Just ask the tortoise!

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Karen Bertani in a pink shirt.
Karen Bertani, CMP 
Director, Global Engagement and Knowledge Sharing

Karen manages the CMC Strategy Fora globally and WCBP. In addition, Karen implements strategic stakeholder participation, including program partners and global regulators, for all of CASSS’ meetings.

Secret Super Power: Encyclopedic Memory - from the details of every CASSS program I have ever managed (going back 20+ years) to recommending the best whatever-cuisine-you-seek restaurant in any city you’ll ever visit!

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Rose Bueno in a black shirt.
Rose Bueno
Administrative and Accounting Specialist

Rose oversees office operations, HR administration, assists in accounting, and serves on the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Task Force. She loves working behind the scenes to make magic happen and adds value by wearing many hats on the administration side of CASSS.

Secret Super Power: Empathy - I have remarkable powers of perception when it comes to others. With antennae up, I will pick up on the needs and emotions of those around me, even when no one is saying anything.

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Alissa Doyle in a white shirt
Alissa Doyle
Meeting Specialist

Alissa is responsible for many aspects of program planning across the family of CASSS meetings. These include management of the abstract database, the main point of contact for speaker communications, logistics and deliverables, management of roundtables and workshops, as well as support for both onsite and virtual platform meeting logistics.

Secret Super Power: Lighthouse Keeper – No matter the size of the waves crashing below or the number of ships coming into port, I’ll help each one find their way in the storm, bringing calm, guidance, and sudden clarity to the situation.

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Julie Harris in a green shirt
Julie Harris, CMP
Program Manager

Julie manages the Analytical Technologies Europe, Bioassays, and CE Pharm committees, as well as the CASSS Regional Forums and Discussion Groups. She is responsible for planning and implementing all aspects of these meetings.

Secret Super Power: Perception – I have the ability to see and understand people’s points of view, even when they are different from my own. This helps me find solutions that work for all involved.  

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Randi Jacobs in a black shirt
Randi Jacobs, DES
Program and Event Technology Manager

Randi manages the Cell and Gene Therapy Products committee and is responsible for planning and implementing all aspects of this meeting. She handles exhibitor logistics and relations for CASSS meetings and is the lead for planning and implementing the virtual elements of our programs.

Secret Super Power: X-Ray Vision – the ability to see the good in any situation and challenge. I am a firm believer in the glass half full mentality and always try to see the good in everything.

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Renee Olson in a black shirt and glasses
Renee Olson 
Director, Marketing and Communications

Renee facilitates, develops and implements analytics‐driven marketing and membership strategies for CASSS. These strategies raise visibility and participation for CASSS conferences, initiatives, products and services. She is also responsible for strategically managing CASSS website and social media presence.

Secret Super Power: Clarity – Being direct, getting answers, drilling down to the brass tacks and making decisions. I ensure our team saves time and money and keep them from going around in circles for hours.

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Anne Ornelas in an orange shirt
Anne Ornelas, DES
Senior Operations Manager 

Anne adds value to CASSS by developing the digital strategies and operational technologies used to create exceptional online experiences for members and staff. She loves her unique role because it’s completely different from anything she’s worked on in her 20 years in associations.

Secret Super Power: Enthusiasm – The ability to bring excitement and passion to a project or task, as well as in everyday life, with Tigger as my kindred spirit. In other words, I do my best to make things fun, even when they are not.

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Christina Palugod in a green shirt
Christina Palugod
Marketing/Communications and Website Coordinator

Christina is primarily responsible for updating and maintaining the CASSS website and meeting microsites. She also assists with other marketing and communication initiatives and manages the CASSS social media channels.

Secret Super Power: Detective – I listen intently to investigate all presented details and identify areas that need further input. I might ask a lot of questions that seem unnecessary or cautious, but it is important for my eagle eyes to envision the full story.

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Mikaela Sanford in a black shirt
Mikaela Sanford
Meeting Specialist

Mikaela maintains our member database, registration portals, and coordinates our exhibitors needs. At CASSS Symposia she facilitates New Member and CASSS Connection events.

Secret Super Power: Pizzazz – Using that Mikaela flair, I am on a constant mission to transform the ordinary and mundane into extraordinary - leaving my mark, and a little glitter, on the way.

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Carolyn Slade in a black shirt and hoop earrings.
Carolyn Slade, MS-HIM
Program Manager

Carolyn manages the Mass Spec and Higher Order Structure Symposium committees and is responsible for planning and implementing all aspects of these meetings. 

Secret Super Power: The Calming Effect - Crying baby? Hand them to me and I can calm and soothe them. On the ledge from life and work? Call me up and I can help make you laugh and see a different side of things. It’s amazing what the power of a good ear and a soothing touch can do!

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Catherine Stewart in a blue shirt
Catherine Federle Stewart, CPA
Director of Finance

Catherine is responsible for the implementation, coordination and administration of CASSS budgets, financial policies and procedures, accounting methods and systems.

Secret Super Power: Observation - I have a keen eye for detail and the ability to step back and analyze a situation, then respond to the evidence. As an enthusiastic but novice gardener, my superpower helps me keep my garden lush and green. As part of team CASSS, I don’t jump head first into every opportunity, but think critically and find the best option for all.

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