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Fellowship Recipients

  • 2019 Kateřina Fikarová
  • 2017 Daniela Espinosa-Hoyos
  • 2017 Bert Wouters

Frantisek Svec Fellowship for Innovative Studies

The Frantisek Svec Fellowship creates future leaders in biopharmaceutical development. By providing resources to graduate students and post-doctoral researchers for the exploration of ‘out of the box’ cross-disciplinary training and innovative learning opportunities in the broad fields of biopharmaceutical science and technology, the fellowship honors and embraces the legacy of Frantisek Svec.

Evaluation Criteria

Successful fellowship proposals will request support for innovative learning opportunities that creatively seek to expand the scope of applicants’ current activities. The scientific rationale of the proposed project must be clearly and compellingly articulated. Fellowship funds must be applied to academic and scholarly purposes, not commercialization of discoveries of their current research. Examples of suitable activities include (but are not limited to) enrollment in training courses (e.g., a Cold Spring Harbor training course), extended study of a discipline new to the applicant in an academic or industrial laboratory, an internship with a pharmaceutical regulatory agency or health care delivery organization focused on biopharmaceuticals. The proposed project should be realistic in scale – e.g., attend a specialized training program not launch a 6-month research expedition to Antarctica. Applicants should note that the above examples are just that, examples. You are encouraged to think outside the box and design novel learning activities that will both serve your own development and potentially provide models for future training programs.

Applicants may apply for up to $5,000 to be used to pay enrollment fees, travel, living expenses, and materials that support the objective of the fellowship application. Funds may not be used to pay institutional overhead at the applicants’ current institution.

If the proposal includes work or study at another laboratory or institution, a letter of acceptance or permission from the site of the fellowship must be included with the application.

Responsibilities of the Successful Fellowship Recipient

Along with supporting your innovative studies, our goal is to introduce you to the CASSS community of scientists. Each recipient will craft a single page summary of what was accomplished during their fellowship (goals, milestones, what was accomplished or not and why/why not) and provide an accounting of how the funds were spent.

We look forward to all recipients participating in a CASSS sponsored conference within 18 months of the conclusion of their project (e.g. present a poster or talk, co-lead a workshop, or facilitate a round-table, etc.). The fellowship includes waived registration at said conference, reasonable travel and lodging reimbursement.


Graduate students currently enrolled in a degree-granting program and post-doctoral researchers working in either academic or industrial laboratories studying a discipline relevant to biopharmaceutical sciences are encouraged to apply. The relevant disciplines include protein and nucleic acid therapeutics, vaccines, cell therapy, and gene therapy, etc., as well as the application of chromatographic and electrophoretic separation methods within the field. The competition for the Svec Fellowships is open to graduate students and post-doctoral fellows worldwide who likewise, may apply to conduct their fellowship anywhere in the world.