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Hopkins Biotech Network Mentor Program


Are you interested in a non-academic career in the biotech/pharmaceutical industry? Want to learn more about the types of careers available, and how to transition into those roles? Looking to expand your professional network? 

The Hopkins Biotech Network is pairing with the CASSS global community of biopharmaceutical professionals to offer you a unique mentoring experience. This program offers a 3-month, one-on-one opportunity with a professional in the biotech industry.

Mentors can offer a wide range of guidance -- from general career exploration and experience sharing, to focused help on the job application process (i.e. mock interviews, cover letter/resume advice). Mentors will work with you to define your current short-term and long-term goals, and help you progress towards the career of your dreams!

Applications are closed for the fall Cohort. Be sure to come back and check for new openings in Spring 2023.

For Mentors:

  1. Application Period - August 8th- September 18th
  2. Acceptance Email Notification - September 19th
  3. OPTIONAL Accepted Mentor/Mentee Zoom to explain Informational Interview period and Matching process - September 21st 
  4. Informational Interview Period - September 19th-October 14th 
  5. Matching Surveys Due - October 14th 
  6. Match Email Sent - October 17th 
  7. Official Mentorship Period with Match - October 17th- December 18th 
  8. Exit Survey Period - December 5th-17th (End of Program)