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Consultants' Network

Consultants are a key component of CASSS membership. The purpose of the CASSS Consultants' Network is to facilitate discussions among consultants and provide the following benefits: 

  • Share consulting experiences with others, while maintaining confidentiality commitments.
  • Share best practices in providing consulting services.
  • Network among subject matter experts (sometimes consultants have more work than they can handle, or they get a request but don’t have the required skill set).
  • Provide a supportive environment for addressing challenges related to consulting.
  • Keep consultants abreast of technology advances and the evolving global CMC regulatory environment.
  • Provide a mechanism for senior subject matter expert members of CASSS to remain engaged with our events and activities.

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Understanding Biomolecular Behavior with Mass Photometry | November 27, 2023 | 11 AM EDT

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Join us for the next Consultants' Network virtual meeting featuring speaker Austin Graves, Refeyn.



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Program | November 27, 2023

"Understanding Biomolecular Behavior with Mass Photometry" will provide an introduction to mass photometry. Mass photometry is particularly useful in the study of proteins and other biomolecules in solution, providing accurate, sensitive, and label-free molecular mass measurements to provide fundamental insights into protein behavior in complex environments.

Featured Speaker Bio

Image of male with text 'CASSS Consultants' Network Austin Graves Refeyn'

Austin Graves
Field Applications Specialist

Austin Graves is a Field Applications Specialist with Refeyn based in Durham, NC. Austin received his Bachelor's in biological sciences from NC State University in 2015 and his Doctorate in immunology from Rutgers University in 2020. He then worked as a postdoctoral associate at UNC Chapel Hill before joining Refeyn in June of 2022. Graves' expertise includes antibody-antigen binding as well as protein-nucleic acid interactions.

2023 Speaker Presentation

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Join us for the Consultants' Network Discussion on November 27, 2023. Registration will close November 24, 2023.

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