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What's Haunting You These Days?

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Stephanie Flores

October 28, 2021
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After a year of re-thinking and re-engineering how we do everything at CASSS - virtual conferences, on-line networking, creating community through a computer screen - we are looking forward to a return to face-to-face conferences in 2022, but with a hybrid option.  That has created a new stress.  How do we manage two conferences at once, with different needs and challenges?  

While the things that are haunting us are different, they are no less real and challenging.  How do you develop or hire the skills and competencies that you need?  And how do you do two things at once well? - Like on-boarding the new while still getting your job done?  

This is the season for telling scary stories, so let's start a conversation.  What’s keeping you up at night? But also, what have you found that's successful? How do you re- or de-prioritize things in order to keep up?  How do you keep your staff motivated to keep going?  Chances are others are experiencing the same and can benefit from your insights - or at least a bit of camaraderie.

WCBP in January is going to look a little bit different this year.  We are planning a few workshops where we can hold these conversations. But don't wait until WCBP to share.  Let me know in the comments - or reach out by email. What would be most helpful to you in this area - either at WCBP or in other venues - perhaps an on-line discussion group?  How can we work together to get through this?

You may enjoy this short TED talk on how burnout makes us less creative.

Happy Halloween!