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Are you ready for CGTP Summit 2024? The theme for this year is "Advancing Comparability Understanding of Cell-based Therapies".  The Summit will bring together industry, regulatory, and academic professionals to discuss pertinent challenges in the cell and gene therapy field. Gain insights on why there have been delays in cell and gene therapy development due to comparability challenges. We look forward to an informative Summit and hope to see you there. Be ready to network, collaborate, and expand your knowledge.

Advancing Comparability Understanding of Cell-based Medicinal Products

Cell-based medicinal products are inherently one of the most complex therapeutic modalities developed so far. Due to live cells and inherent variability from where they are sourced and stage of development, cell-based medicinal products have proven to be difficult to characterize and standardize with currently available analytical methodologies. This Summit will showcase presentations from the CGT industry and hold interactive panel discussions to tackle some of the challenges seen with conventional comparability strategies for cell-based products. In this Summit, we will focus on somatic cell products and cell-based gene therapy products.

Read the full Summit abstract in the Scientific Program.

Save the Date

Mark your calendars for CGTP Summit on June 10, 2024 in Rockville, MD. Registration will be available soon.

Extend your stay and join us for the Cell & Gene Therapy Products Symposium on June 11-13, 2024 in Rockville, MD.

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"Great opportunity to exchange ideas and information directly related to CMC development including regulatory considerations."
—Adam Fung, CGTP Summit 2023 Attendee