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Next Generation Investigator Grants

CASSS recognizes the challenges faced by graduate students, post-doctoral researchers, and early career professionals in launching and navigating a career and building a professional network. Through our Next Generation Investigator (NGI) Grants, we encourage and support participation in our conferences and forums with a limited number of travel awards and waived registrations.

CASSS conferences tend to be small, collegial events with career advancing opportunities to network with leading industrial and government researchers, developers of cutting-edge instrumentation and methods, as well as biotherapeutic regulators and policy makers.  



CASSS defines NGIs as individuals that are either currently in full or nearly full-time study for a formal academic qualification (e.g. degree, PhD), or have less than 4 years from the commencement of their first postdoctoral or first professional industrial or governmental position. NGIs can be in academia, government, industry or any other organization that participates in the field of  biopharmaceutical development, and may be based anywhere in the world. Career breaks will be recognized.

Required for consideration:

  • Fill out form for symposium or forum in apply now section
  • Include recommendation letter from advisor and/or supervisor
  • Recipients will have the opportunity to present (oral or poster), or provide a written synopsis, or other assignments as agreed upon with Symposium Manager

Why Apply

Each symposium and forum gives insight into current topics and issues in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry.  Award winners will get the opportunity to meet, network and participate in exchanging knowledge for mutual education with other members.

Apply Now

Conferences currently accepting NGI Grant Applications: