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Distinguished Fellows of CASSS

  • David Carr – Bioanalytical Technologies, USA
  • John Frenz - Alnylam Pharmaceuticals (retired), USA
  • William Hancock – Northeastern University, USA
  • Michael Henry – Queensland Health Forensic and Scientific Services Brisbane, Australia
  • John Hobbs – Beckman Coulter (retired), USA
  • Barry Karger – The Barnett Institute, Northeastern University (retired), USA
  • Michael Kunitani – Marin Analytical Consulting, USA
  • Ron Majors – Agilent Technologies, Inc. (retired), USA
  • Wassim Nashabeh - Genentech, a Member of the Roche Group, USA
  • Joseph Pesek – San Jose State University, USA
  • Robert Stevenson – American Laboratory/ Labcompare, USA
  • Frantisek Svec – Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory, USA
  • Nadine Ritter – Global Biotech Experts, LLC, USA
  • Mark Schenerman – CMC Biotech-MAS Consulting, USA

Distinguished Fellows

The CASSS Board of Directors recognizes individuals noted for their outstanding contributions to CASSS, our community and the industry overall.  These individuals are honored with the title of Distinguished Fellow, bestowed on less than 1% of our members, and offered lifetime membership in CASSS.

Appointed Distinguished Fellows

Headshot image of one female and text 'casss distinguished fellow nadine ritter'

Nadine M. Ritter
Global Biotech Experts, LLC

Headshot image of one male and text 'CASSS distinguished fellow mark schenerman'

Mark Schenerman
CMC Biotech-MAS Consulting

Following is a list of our CASSS Distinguished Fellows along with some shared comments:

Robert Stevenson
American Laboratory/Labcompare, Lafayette, CA

"CASSS provided me with a forum for nurturing advances in chemical separations for purification and analysis, and I am proud to be Distinguished Fellow."


John Hobbs
Beckman Coulter (retired), Laguna Niguel, CA

"I first became involved with chromatography in 1960 when I joined Unilever Research in the UK and was fortunate to have luminaries such as Ray Scott and Tony James as mentors. After joining Beckman Instruments Altex Division in 1980 I relocated to the US just before the formation of the Bay Area Colloquium, so my connections go way back. During my years in the commercial world I valued my involvement with what became CASSS as a means of maintaining communications between our industry and the end users. I always felt it was important that this was a two-way communication providing feedback to our industry while making information on technology development available to end users; I believe that this is a valuable role that CASSS should continue to play."


Barry Karger
The Barnett Institute, Northeastern University (retired), Boston, MA

"I spoke at the first several CASSS meetings and helped initiate the CE-Pharm meeting. I am amazed at how CASSS has grown and the impact it has had on the field of biotechnology. Key has been bringing regulatory, industry, and academia together in a common mission to enhance the science of biopharmaceutical development and approval."




The CASSS Board of Directors announced the appointment of Nadine M. Ritter, Global Biotech Experts, LLC and Mark A. Schenerman, CMC Biotech-MAS Consulting as Distinguished Fellows in recognition of their outstanding contributions to the CASSS community.

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