Virtual Information

Live Streaming Features

Cell and Gene Therapy Products 2023 will be live streamed to a virtual online player powered by BroadcastMed (formerly Digitell, Inc.) with many features for attendees to engage during the live sessions and panel discussions, including:

  • Take notes, which are then emailed to you at the end of each session
  • Create your own schedule and see sessions important to you
  • View an attendee list to connect with others via email and through session chat
  • Learn more from speakers through crowd-sourced questions and upvoting
  • Add a photo to your profile and connect more easily
  • Review and download content, including speaker abstracts and slides
  • On-Demand content available after the Symposia to view for up to three months

Live Streaming Access & Event Information

All communication for accessing the Symposium live stream as well as the live event website are hosted by BroadcastMed. In the days prior to the Symposium as well as during, you will receive instructions on how to access the live stream and the event website:

There will be a button to click in the email that leads to the online meeting, or go to We recommend that you log in at least 15 minutes before the start of the first session to ensure your device is working properly.

WiFi Speed Test

Your virtual experience will mostly rely on your internet connectivity, most likely from home. The best experience can be had with a hardwired Ethernet connection. However, if WiFi is your only option, we suggest you do a speedtest here: Ideally, you want to be close to minimums of 5mbps upload and 5mbps download speeds. It would be a good idea to ask your family members to reduce their consumption (gaming, videos, etc) while you are viewing the Symposum.

Technical Assistance

Live streaming of the symposium is hosted by BroadcastMed. If you need technical assistance, you can contact the BroadcastMed Technical Support, Monday - Friday from 9:00am - 5:00pm Eastern.

Support will be available during live broadcasts, beginning 1 hour before the start of the live broadcast and until 30 minutes after the last session ends.