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International Symposium on the Higher Order Structure of Protein Therapeutics

Protein higher-order structure (HOS) and dynamics are essential to protein function. For protein-based therapeutic products, HOS is a critical quality attribute which needs to be monitored to ensure safety and efficacy of drug products. HOS can be monitored by a multitude of biophysical and structural characterization tools. The choice of the appropriate biophysical method and the method development and qualification strategies to characterize and control HOS at different stages of the product lifecycle are a matter of interest and debate for a wide range of audiences.

Reasons to Attend HOS:

  • Phase-appropriate application of biophysical methods for HOS characterization during development, comparability, or biosimilarity exercises
  • The theory and practice of biophysics and the application of HOS in a molecular discovery setting
  • HOS case studies from academia, government agencies, and industry
  • Biophysical method qualification, validation, and specification-setting strategies
  • HOS characterization of new modalities (adeno-associated viruses, bioconjugates, bispecific antibodies, etc...)

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Join us in-person or virtually from anywhere in the world for HOS 2022. Registration is open.

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