Next Generation Investigator Awards

Are you looking for a chance to share your work at a scientific meeting? Next Generation Investigator Awards are an excellent opportunity for graduate students, post-doctoral researchers, or early career industrial scientists to meet, network and participate in exchanging knowledge with industry peers from across the world with waived registration.

CASSS is pleased to provide a limited number of Next Generation Investigator* (NGI) for PhD students and post-docs for the Bioassays Symposium 2022. Selected award winners will be required to write a synopsis of the Bioassays Symposium that will be posted on the website for general information. PhD students or post-doctoral fellows conducting research in academia or industry throughout the world are eligible.

Why should you apply?

As an award winner, your registration fees will be waived and you will receive a travel reimbursement grant to offset the cost of travel to the symposium. This is an excellent opportunity to meet, network and participate in exchanging knowledge for mutual education with other members.

How do you apply?

Click the link below to complete the application. Please be prepared to submit a letter requesting consideration for the grant, proof of studentship or post-doc status, and letter of recommendation from your supervisor all in PDF form. If you have any questions, please contact the Symposium Manager, Julie Harris.

Application for a travel grant does not release you from the obligation to register. 

What are the requirements to apply?

All applicants must provide the following with their application:

  • Recommendation from your advisor and/or supervisor 
  • Proof of NGI* status
  • The ability to write a synopsis of the 2022 Bioassays Symposium

The application closed January 21, 2022.

For more information on CASSS Next Generation Investigator Awards, click here.